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Methodology For Selecting 5-Star Advisory Teams

To find the best advisors in Canada, Wealth Professional undertook a rigorous marketing and survey process, reaching more than 200,000 investors across Canada. Investors were asked to nominate their advisors and rate them on six key criteria. From there, list of finalists was compiled, and one-on-one calls with nominators added qualitative research to the quantitative results from survey. The end result is a list of 5-Star Advisors who are recognized based not on AUM, but rather the service provided to their clients. To identify the 5-Star Top Teams, WP relied on a similar marketing and survey process, asking investors across Canada to nominate their advisory teams and describe the team’s key service offerings, what sets them apart and what value they provide to their clientele. For the purpose of this report, teams were classified as those with three or more advisors.