The LePoidevin Difference

“What sets David apart from other portfolio managers to me is that he constructs unique portfolios for each client with low, transparent management fees. He emphasizes downside protection more than upside potential, and his passion for financial markets is very evident. David lives and breathes the market.”

-Testimonial from a local Chartered Professional Accountant

Investment Philosophy

The LePoidevin Group investment philosophy incorporates four key principles:

  1. Preservation of capital comes first.
  2. Everyone must have an investment strategy. “The thought of outliving your money should be paramount in your thinking, as we are all living longer than previous generations.”
  3. Expected income and growth must counterbalance the risk/reward ratio. Expectations must be in line with each investor’s temperament and financial goals.
  4. Professional money management is key. Proper administration of any investment requires daily scrutiny; it is a full time job.

Investment Approach

The LePoidevin Group uses a value-oriented investment approach, with emphasis on good value investment associated with low risk. Our conservative clientele is made up of people with investments ranging from fixed income securities (government bonds, Treasury Bills & corporate paper, high quality corporate bonds, foreign currency bonds, etc.) to equities (common stocks, preferred stocks, and foreign stocks).

In order to provide the highest quality investment advice to our clients, the LePoidevin Group employs a team of investment professionals with well-defined roles that are aligned with their skillset. In doing so, our Portfolio Managers are able to remain focused on the market at all times with the comfort of knowing all aspects of our business are well taken care of. In addition to a dedicated team of investment and administrative assistants, the LePoidevin Group employs a fixed income and equities trader as well as an independent researcher who provides timely, unbiased reports.

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