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LePoidevin Group | Second Opinion Service 

When was the last time you thoroughly reviewed your investment portfolio? This question often leads to feelings of stress and anxiety, and in today’s fast-moving world, we believe it’s a very important question to ask. LePoidevin Group can help you alleviate that stress.

To help you achieve financial peace of mind, we are offering you a complimentary portfolio review. After all, a second opinion never hurts!

We will take an in-depth look at the securities you hold, and the fees that you are paying to ensure everything aligns with your investment objectives and your tolerance for risk.

If your portfolio is well-structured, and your fees are competitive, LePoidevin Group will let you know that your portfolio is in good shape. If any shortcomings, gaps, or hidden fees are found, we will advise you on specific strategies you can implement to make improvements to your portfolio.

Submit a request, below, to schedule your complimentary portfolio assessment: