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   1. Three decades of safe passage investing through stormy seas

  • The wisdom of experience, the courage of conviction. A recognized industry thought leader and sought-after commentator on the capital markets, David LePoidevin draws on 35+ years of investment expertise in complex markets to provide clients with a truly differentiated wealth experience. 
  • Wealth management for all markets. David is a former bond trader and fixed-income expert whose risk-averse nature drives LePoidevin Group to forego fads in favour of assets of enduring value. From the Technology Bubble in the early 2000s to the 2008 Global Financial Crisis and the current pandemic, our low-risk, historically-aware approach has protected and grown client capital with consistency and low volatility.
  • Meeting the future head-on. At LePoidevin Group, we possess the time-tested experience and perspective to recognize historical patterns, acknowledge current indicators and proactively position clients to not only navigate volatile markets, but to outperform in them.  


    2. With LePoidevin Group, it’s always personal

  • Institutional-level expertise for the individual investor. Unlike many wealth managers, we don’t outsource the design and construction of client portfolios or use proprietary product. With three portfolio managers involved in all aspects of security selection and asset allocation, our client portfolios are crafted from the ground up, consist only of our best ideas, balance risk and return, and are designed to help clients achieve their individual goals. 
  • Your journey is our journey. As conservative investors ourselves, we participate in the same strategies and investments as our clients. We are not incented to place clients into proprietary or “house-brand” investments; our clients’ interests supercede all other considerations. A transparent fee-based structure ensures that we are aligned with our clients’ success and that our fees are low, unlayered and competitive.
  • Your partner in wealth. We offer a client-first experience. Your wealth journey is important to us. That’s why we provide a full breadth of wealth and portfolio management services tailored to your complete wealth needs. 

3. Focused on earning our clients’ trust every day   

  • A skilled team with a singular focus. We have grown our business one account at a time by delivering outstanding client results and responsiveness from our dedicated team of 19 professionals managing more than $2 billion in assets. 
  • Our best investment is a satisfied client. Our unwavering commitment to our clients has produced long-term relationships and one of the most loyal clienteles in the Canadian investment industry. With a client retention run-rate exceeding 99 percent. 
  • Transparency and trust. We provide regular value-added insights that make complex market concepts easy to digest, share the latest perspectives of our portfolio managers, and, importantly, provide you with the context to navigate your journey with comfort and confidence.