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The LePoidevin Difference

“What sets David apart from other portfolio managers to me is that he constructs unique portfolios for each client with low, transparent management fees. He emphasizes downside protection more than upside potential, and his passion for financial markets is very evident. David lives and breathes the market."
- Testimonial from a local Chartered Professional Accountant


One of the most common questions we receive from interested investors is: "What makes LePoidevin Group different from other wealth management teams?" 

The following are four of the biggest differentiators that set LePoidevin Group apart:

LePoidevin Group Constructs Personalized Portfolios for Every New Client--No Model Portfolios

Many Wealth Management Teams offer a range of portfolio models for clients to choose from. Once the decision has been made, the Portfolio Manager "clicks a button" and the client's funds are instantly invested in the entire model portfolio at one time. LePoidevin Group does not believe that this is the best or most effective way to manage client assets. Instead of "clicking a button" and having your funds invested all at once in a preset model, LePoidevin Group constructs a personalized portfolio for you based on our top investment ideas on the day we begin investing your funds and our strategy looking forward. By not using models, LePoidevin group is also able to invest your assets in a more tax efficient manner. This allows us to be much more calculated, precise, and deliberate while positioning our clients' portfolios.

As a client, you do not own a share of LePoidevin Group "fund", you personally own every investment that you see in your portfolio.

LePoidevin Group Very Rarely Invests in Mutual Funds 

There are many reasons LePoidevin Group rarely invests in mutual funds. For starters, LePoidevin Group is extremely fee conscious. We do not want our clients paying too much in fees, so we do not invest in mutual funds that would cause a "layering" of fees. In addition to this, mutual fund mandates can be both "cookie-cutter" and have very rigid investment mandates. For example, if a Canadian dividend mutual fund manager has a negative outlook on Canadian dividend stocks, he or she still MUST invest in Canadian dividend stocks because that is the fund's mandate. That does not make any sense to us and we believe that there are many superior securities to invest in. The rare occasions that LePoidevin Group invests in mutual funds include investments in Money Market Funds for large cash positions, and Pre-authorized Contributions (PACs).

LePoidevin Group Proprietary Research

In order to be an effective Portfolio Manager, you MUST conduct thorough analysis of global macro-economic trends and the fundamentals of every company that you invest in. To accomplish this LePoidevin Group subscribes to several independent research providers (eg. Veritas Investment Research, Value Line, INK Research, amongst others). In addition to subscribing to several highly respected research publications, LePoidevin Group employs a full-time employee to conduct ongoing investment research.

Through our dedication to thorough market research, LePoidevin Group was able to forecast the 2008 financial crisis and shield clients from the significant losses experienced by many investors that year. If you would like to read LePoidevin Letters we sent to clients during this period, a full archive of our past letters can be reached by clicking here

A Team of 16 Investment Professionals Here to Serve You

As a team of 16 dedicated investment professionals, LePoidevin Group is undoubtably one of the largest Wealth Management teams in Canada. LePoidevin Group has team members in both Toronto and Vancouver—we are truly a national brand. We have been able to reach this level of success by focusing on one clear business objective: ensuring that our valued clients' service expectations are met and exceeded.

If you choose LePoidevin Group to manage your wealth, you can be rest assured that there is a team of diverse, highly skilled, investment professionals looking after your investments.