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Investment Philosophy

LePoidevin Group invest philosophy incorporates four key principles:

  1. Preservation of capital comes first. 
  2. Everyone must have an investment strategy. ''The thought of outliving your money should be paramount in your thinking, as we are all living longer than our previous generations.''
  3. Expected income and growth must counter balance the risk/reward ratio. Expectations must be in line with each investor's temperament and financial goals. 
  4. Professional money management is key. Proper administration of any investment requires daily scrutiny; it's a full time job. 

Investment Strategy

LePoidevin Group uses a conservative, value based investment strategy to manage our client assets. We use a top-down research approach, which means that we follow global Macro-Economic trends to help us choose the best industries and sectors to invest in. Our long-term return target of 7% - 10% per year, net of our management fee. In order to achieve this return target, we invest in securities that offer modest capital appreciation and attractive cash flow yields. 

Some of the key characteristics that we look for when selecting common equity investments are: a strong balance sheet, a proven track record of success through several economic cycles, a high level of insider support (i.e. the CEO and Board of Directors own significant stock in the company), and a history of dividend increases. For fixed income holdings, we evaluate global interest rate conditions and select securities with the most attractive credit quality and cash flow (yield). 

If you would like to learn more about our investment strategy, you can schedule a consultation with one of our portfolio managers by clicking here.