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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between a Portfolio Manager and an Investment Advisor?

The two key differences between a portfolio manager and an investment advisor are as follows:

  1. Portfolio Managers have discretionary authority granted by the client.
  2. By law, Portfolio Managers have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of their clients.

Discretionary authority over client accounts paired with a fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of clients allows a Portfolio Manager to carry out transactions in a timely manor that is well aligned with the client’s investment objectives. By compensating a Portfolio Manager on a fee for service basis rather than on a transactional (commission) basis, investors can be assured that the best, most suitable investment decisions are made within their portfolios.

The authority to act on behalf of clients is something that LePoidevin Group and Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management take very seriously. One cannot attain the Portfolio Manager designation without displaying the highest level of integrity, industry knowledge, and proven expertise in making investment decisions.

Do clients have access to their accounts online?

Yes, LePoidevin Group offers full online access to their clients. Online access allows clients to view the holdings, balances, and performance of their portfolio on a daily basis. In addition to account information, clients are provided with a wide array of investment literature and market research so they can improve their investment knowledge and stay up to date with financial markets.

How are investment decisions formulated within LePoidevin Group?

Generally speaking LePoidevin Group uses a top-down approach, taking into account all relevant macroeconomic data to make our investment decisions. In order to maintain an objective view of the global economy, LePoidevin Group subscribes to various independent research sources to supplement the ongoing research conducted by our Portfolio Managers and Research Assistant.  That said, all investment decisions for our clients are made on an individualized basis keeping each client’s personal investment objectives in mind.

Does LePoidevin Group offer tax planning services?

Prior to making any investment decision, LePoidevin Group thoroughly researches all aspects of a security and is cognisant of the tax implications for the client. We believe this practice is crucial in providing prudent wealth management services. That said, because each client has unique personal and financial circumstances, LePoidevin Group strongly recommends the use of a tax specialist as we do not offer strictly tax focused advice on an ongoing basis.

Does LePoidevin Group offer portfolio reviews and second opinions to investors?

Whether it is related to uncertainty regarding volatile markets, lack of satisfaction with your current advisor, or simply to provide peace of mind, a second opinion can often provide comfort in knowing your wealth is being managed in the most favorable way possible. For this reason, LePoidevin Group is happy to offer no-obligation portfolio reviews to prospective clients. Portfolio reviews are complimentary and can be requested here.

Does LePoidevin Group work with clients outside of Vancouver?

Yes. Having started his career in Toronto, David provides portfolio management services to clients across the country. The transition to internet based trading over the past two decades have made working with clients throughout Canada not only possible, but quite efficient. David is a licensed Portfolio Manager in the majority of Canadian provinces.