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David LePoidevin has provided industry insight as well as expert opinion for publications including MacLean’s Magazine, Canadian Business Magazine, and the Business News Network (BNN). In addition to these publications, David has made appearances at the World MoneyShow and has hosted several seminars presenting information on various topics within the investment industry.

You can refer to this page for information from previous events, conferences calls, LePoidevin Letters as well as details regarding upcoming events hosted by LePoidevin Group. If you wish to be notified directly regarding future LePoidevin Group events, please Contact Us directly.


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Conference Call | U.S. Fed Admits Inflation is More Than Transitory. Omicron Variant Hits Markets

On Thursday, December 9th, LePoidevin Group hosted a client zoom webinar....

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Advisor's Edge | What Was The Biggest Lesson You Learned During The Pandemic?

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Conference Call | Is The Market Over Valued? Is Inflation Really ''Transitory''?

On Tuesday, September 14th, LePoidevin Group hosted a client zoom webinar. ...

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Conference Call | Vaccine Rollout, Recovery Stocks Advance, Bonds and Tech Shares Slide, Preferred Shares Advance. Time for a Pause?

On Wednesday, March 31st, LePoidevin Group hosted a Zoom call to provide an economic update to our clients....

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Conference Call | Gamestop, Reddit, Robinhood Frenzy Explained

On Wednesday, February 3rd, LePoidevin Group hosted a conference call to provide our expert insight on the recent market events involving hedge funds and Robinhood investors....

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Conference Call | Biden Wins the White House, Stocks Rise, Bonds Fall

On Thursday, January 14th, LePoidevin Group hosted a conference call to provide clients with our market outlook for 2021....

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LePoidevin Letter | Will 2020 Prove to be a Long-term Turning Point in Economic History?

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Conference Call | The Most Important Investment Turning Point in 40 Years

On Wednesday, September 9th, LePoidevin Group hosted a conference call to discuss the most important turning point for investments in 40 years....

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Conference Call | Markets Rebound! Now what?

On Thursday, June 18th, LePoidevin Group hosted a conference call to discuss the recent rally in equities markets, the largest 50-day rally in history....

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Conference Call | Free Money!

On Thursday, April 30th, LePoidevin Group hosted a conference call focusing on the unprecedented level of government stimulus that is currently taking place throughout the world in response to the Covid-19 pandemic....

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